University of Michigan- Dearborn

The University of Michigan - Dearborn is one of two main campuses of the University of Michigan, a public institution that serves over 9,000 students. It is the smaller of the two campuses and was established in 1959 over 100 years after its parent institution in Ann Arbor was established in 1815. The University is well-known for its campus' College of Engineering & Computer Science, which was rated among the top 10 undergraduate engineering programs in the country.

B.A. in International Studies-Arabic

The concentration in International Studies - Arabic combines an advanced curriculum in Arabic language and culture with structured training in a professional field. The professional fields include Art Administration, Communications, Computer and Information Sciences, Economics, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Business and Management, Natural Sciences, and Political Science. A third component, Support Studies, offers cognate courses which reinforce the international context and enable students to integrate the two primary components.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn offers a number of Arabic courses: Beginning Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Advanced Arabic, Arabic Language of Business and Arabic Literature and Culture.