Welcome to the Arabic Honor Society

Dedicated to helping high-achieving high school Arabic students excel, the Arabic Honor Society (AHS) provides financial support, academic direction, and career guidance to its members. AHS chapters also offer opportunities for students and teachers to engage their communities and bolster their local Arabic programs. Register your chapter today.


Summer Scholar Awards 2021


The Arabic Honor Society is launching the 2021 Summer Scholar Awards in order to support its members who are currently in high school/secondary school and looking to continue their Arabic studies at a summer program (domestic, online or abroad pending travel options this summer). This award aims to celebrate high achieving students who have demonstrated their passion for the Arabic language and Arab culture through their academic records, extracurricular activities, and heavy involvement in their local AHS chapters. 

Thalia Gustina, 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardee, Shares Her Experience Studying Arabic

Thalia Gustina was selected for an AHS Incoming Freshman Award to continue her Arabic studies at Colorado State University. Thalia graduated from Missoula High School in 2020 and was an active AHS member for 3 years. Now that Thalia has spent a semester studying Arabic in college, we checked back in to see how the award has impacted her Arabic journey. Continue reading below to hear from Thalia..

Elijah Kennard, 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardee Talks About Studying Arabic At Yale University

           Elijah was an AHS member for 3 years while studying Arabic at West High School in Salt Lake City. Elijah received the 2020 IFA for his dedication to learning Arabic. You can learn more about his experience by reading below.

Loki Chairez Details Their Arabic Journey After Receiving An Incoming Freshman Award

           Loki was selected for an AHS Incoming Freshman Award to continue studying Arabic at Dartmouth College. Loki was an active member of the LA Chapter for 2.5 years while studying Arabic at Bell High School. Continue reading below to hear about Loki’s experience.

           My journey of studying Arabic started in my freshman year of high school and has continued well into my freshman year of college. It is astonishing to realize that my studies amount to almost five years! With each passing lesson, I find my passion for the subject growing more and more.