Welcome to the Arabic Honor Society

Dedicated to helping high-achieving high school Arabic students excel, the Arabic Honor Society (AHS) provides financial support, academic direction, and career guidance to its members. AHS chapters also offer opportunities for students and teachers to engage their communities and bolster their local Arabic programs. Register your chapter today.


Elijah Kennard, 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardee Talks About Studying Arabic At Yale University

           Elijah was an AHS member for 3 years while studying Arabic at West High School in Salt Lake City. Elijah received the 2020 IFA for his dedication to learning Arabic. You can learn more about his experience by reading below.

Xander Christou Speaks About Studying Arabic A Constantly Thought-Provoking and Curiosity-Driven Exploration into The Unknown

Xander was an active member of the Austin High Chapter for almost two years. Xander has been studying Arabic at NYU this past semester and updates us on his journey below.

There are certain moments in your life that seem too crazy to be true: moments that mesh and mold together to create an extraordinary outcome. When I walked into Arabic class on my first day of high school, I had no idea that in five years I would be speaking Arabic daily with friends and studying in Abu Dhabi.

Arabic Honor Society Celebrates the 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardees

Last year, seven Arabic Honor Society members were selected to receive the 2020 Incoming Freshman Award to continue their Arabic studies. These students stood out in the large pool of applicants because they demonstrated their dedication to furthering their language skills and learning about the Middle East. After their first semester studying Arabic, we checked in with the students, and it was clear that they’re even more passionate about the language than they were before.