Georgetown University

Georgetown University is a private institution, located in Washington, DC, that was founded in 1789. In addition to being recognizable for its Gothic architecture, Georgetown is the oldest Jesuit university in the nation. Georgetown is known for its prestigious School of Foreign Service, as well as its medical and business schools. Georgetown houses one of the nation's most well-known Arabic programs, and is the home-institute for two of the authors of the Al-Kitaab Arabic Learning series. 

Arabic Major

The Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University had a variety of classes for students to choose from, including Modern Standard Arabic courses, dialect courses, Business Arabic, and courses relating to Arab society and culture. Students are also able to participate in study abroad programs in Egypt, Morocco, and other Arab countries. Georgetown University also offers summer programs in Egypt, Morocco, and Jordan. An Arabic minor is also available. 

Summer Language Institute

Each summer, Georgetown hosts a Summer Language Institute for intensive study of the Arabic language. This program lasts 10 weeks and students complete the equivalent of one year of Arabic study. Students who do not attend Georgetown are welcome to apply, and partial scholarships are available.