Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College, located in Hanover, New Hampshire, is a private Ivy League university that has an undergraduate population of just over 4,000 students. The univeristy was founed in 1769, and frequently ranks within the top 15 universities in the country. Dartmouth College is comprised of the undergraduate arts and sciences and engineering departments, and is well known for its Engineering, Business, and Medicine deparmtents. The university is also known for being a highly diverse student population, with over 39 percent of students identifying as students of color.

Arabic Major

Dartmouth's Arabic program, housed within the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Languages, was established in 1995. The Arabic program requires four years of language study, and Arabic Majors must either write an honors thesis (for those who meet the entry requirements for the Honors Program) or take an advanced seminar or Independent Research course to fulfill the culminating requirement in the major. Students are encouraged to participate in Dartmouth's Language Study Abroad program in Rabat, Morocco. A minor is also available. 

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Major

Students who pursue the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies major can specialize in the Middle East and North Africa region. Students find a faculty major to guide them in their studies, and are encouraged to participate in the LSA+ program in Morocco.