American University

American University is a private institution located in northwest Washington D.C., founded in 1893. Its convenient location in Washington, DC allows students to access a plethora of internships and opportunities in both governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

AU boasts the largest school of international relations in the United States, with over 2,000 students. Within the School of International Service, students choose regional and thematic focii. For students interested in the Arab world, the school offers a regional focus in the Middle East and North Africa and a language focus in Arabic. AU's schools of business and public affairs are also highly regarded, and students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester or year to satisfy their major requirements. 


Arabic Language Major

The Arabic Language Major, housed within the College of Arts and Sciences' World Literature Department, offers Modern Standard Arabic courses from the beginning to advanced levels, as well as topics courses that explore Arabic media, literature and poetry. AU's study abroad programs in Jordan and Morocco also offer Levantine and Moroccan Colloquial Arabic courses. A minor in Arabic Studies is also available. 

Arab World Studies Major

The Arab World Studies major, also housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, allows students to learn about the culture, arts, politics and language of the Arab World. The program is a founding member of the Critical Race, Gender & Culture Studies Collaborative, a community that looks at issues of identity from a critical lens and engages students in complex problem-solving. A minor in Arab World Studies is also available.