Incoming Freshman Awards 2021


The Arabic Honor Society is launching the 2021 Incoming Freshman Awards in order to support its members who are preparing to continue their Arabic journey at the college or university level. This award aims to celebrate high achieving students who have demonstrated their passion for the Arabic language and Arab culture through their academic records, extracurricular activities, and heavy involvement in their local AHS chapters. 

Award recipients will receive the following: 

  • Up to $10,000 to cover tuition costs for a program involving an Arabic language component at the higher education level 
  • Recognition on AHS's website, social media, and other AHS promotional materials 
  • Arabic Honor Society swag bag 




Applicants for the Incoming Freshman Awards have committed themselves to attending a college or university to continue studying Arabic after high school, and so special eligibility guidelines apply. Students must meet the following conditions to be eligible: 

  • Current member of the Arabic Honor Society 
  • Student must be majoring/minoring in Arabic or related fields which require a strong command of the Arabic language by graduation. Students may make a case for a program on an individual basis. 
  • Student must be registered for an Arabic language course during their first academic year in higher education. If selected, funding is contingent upon proof of acceptance to school and registration to an Arabic course. 


Application Instructions 

1) Make a profile on the grant management portal: Student must complete the Eligibility Quiz in order to apply for the academic award. 

2) Complete the AHS Incoming Freshman Award Application form. The form will require general information about the student, essay prompts for the student to complete, and uploads of supplementary documentation including high school transcripts. 

3) Submit application by 11:59pm EST March 8, 2021. 


 Students can reach out with any questions by emailing Funding for the AHS Incoming Freshman Awards is provided by Qatar Foundation International, LLC. 

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Previous Winners

Abigail Baggini is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Abigail is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania and is focusing her studies on the Arabic language, the modern Middle East, and international relations. Abigail graduated from Episcopal Academy in Pennsylvania, and during her time in high school, she was very involved in extracurricular activities. Abigail was the editor in chief of her school’s newspaper, co-captain of her school’s golf team, and the president of her school’s World Affairs Club. Abigail plans on studying abroad in either Rabat, Morocco or Amman, Jordan during her time in college. After obtaining a law degree that focuses on international law and becoming fluent in the Arabic language, Abigail hopes to act as a bridge between the Middle East and the United States.
Nuria Becerra is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Nuria graduated from Bell Senior High in Bell, California last year and wants to further her education by pursuing studies in human and cell biology and the Arabic language. During her time at Bell Senior High, Nuria was very active in volunteer work; she was a promoter for her school’s Take Action Campaign, volunteered in monthly city clean ups, and helped raise over 5,000 cans for a canned food drive. Nuria hopes to continue learning Arabic so that when she becomes a physician in the future, she can work in developing countries with an Arabic-speaking population.
Stuart Christiansen is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Stuart is currently an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University, where he focuses his studies on international relations, business, and the Arabic language. During his time at Sentinel High in Missoula, Montana, Stuart acted as the school’s Student Body President, the president of Key Club, and in his free time, he tutored a Syrian refugee in English and learned the Syrian dialect of Arabic in the process. In his application, Stuart highlighted his goal of alleviating the misunderstandings that exist between much of the Western world and the Arab world by working in either the government, for an international business, or at a refugee nonprofit.
Annelise Claire is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Annelise is currently an undergraduate student at Davidson College where she continues to study the Arabic language and the Middle East and North Africa region. During her time at Washington Latin in Washington, DC, Annelise founded an organization called Middle East Friends. This organization offers Syrian refugees a monthly educational tour followed by a communal meal and allowed Annelise to utilize and enhance her Arabic language skills tremendously. In her free time, Annelise writes prose and poetry; in fact, she wrote a 220-page novel that is currently awaiting publication. Annelise dreams of using her comprehensive knowledge of the Arabic language and the Middle East and North Africa region to start a nonprofit which focuses on community-building as a means of integrating refugees into their new homes.
Philip Hodges is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Philip is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Denver, where he is focusing his studies on entrepreneurship, environmental sustainability, and the Arabic language. During his time both at Christ School and at the University of Denver, Philip has made his passion for the environment very clear; he is the founder of his campus’s Clean Up Initiative, the initiator of his campus’s Composting Project, and was the project coordinator of his high school’s Environmental Club. In 2018, Philip was a participant in Startup with a Purpose, an entrepreneurial boot camp and cultural immersion program held at King’s Academy in Madaba, Jordan. In his application, Philip highlighted his goal to combine his knowledge of Arabic, environmental sustainability, and entrepreneurship to implement efficient, cost-effective agricultural practices in the Arab world.
Natalie Myren is a recipient of a 2018 Rising Academic Award. Natalie is currently an undergraduate student at Northwestern University, where she studies Arabic, political science, and international affairs. During her time at Lincoln Park High in Chicago, Illinois, Natalie was the leader of her school band’s woodwind section, the chair of her school’s National Honor Society Service Committee, and the manager of her school’s cross country and track team. Having been a recipient of the US State Department’s highly competitive NSLI-Y scholarship, Natalie was able to study abroad in Amman, Jordan. Here, not only did Natalie excel in her ability to communicate in Arabic, but she also volunteered at an organization called Sakeena, where she empowered orphans by helping to organize, inventory, and display a large number of shoes to be donated. Natalie hopes to become fluent in Arabic one day so that she can utilize it in her career in foreign service or public work.

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