Ohio State University

Ohio State University, founded in 1870, is located in Columbus, Ohio. The university has over 45,000 undergraduate students and offers over 160 undergraduate majors, as well as a Personalized Study Program where students can design a nontraditional education.

The University's most popular majors are Psychology, General, Finance, General, Biology/Biological Sciences, General and Marketing/Marketing Management, General.

Arabic Major

Ohio State University's Arabic program, housed in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, consists of nine required Arabic language courses for a total of 33 credits, as well as 18 credits of elective courses that are offered through the department including colloquial Arabic, Classical Arabic Prose, Arabic Folk Narrative in Translation, Translation, and others. The university offers both a Major and a Minor in Arabic, and also encourages students to participate in several study abroad programs.

Islamic Studies Major

Students who major in Islamic studies are required to complete a program in language, history, basic research, culture, and allied courses. Students plan their major programs in consultation with their faculty advisors to meet their individual needs and to assure a coherent educational program. Courses are chosen from a language with a very large proportion of Muslim speakers and a rich Islamic literary tradition (Arabic, Persian, or Turkish). Core courses include the the study of an Islamic language through the 1103 level (these do not apply to the major) and at least two courses beyond the 1103 level. Other courses include history, basic research and culture, and allied courses related to some special aspect or Islamic cultures and institutions.