California State University, San Bernardino

CSUSB is one of the 23 general campuses of the California State University system, having been founded in 1962. The university scored number 61 in regional universities in the western region of the United States, and also scored number 14 in top public schools in 2017. The university offers 138 types of Bachelor's degrees, 67 Master's degrees, one Doctoral degree (Doctor of Education), and 23 teaching credentials. It is particularly well known for its engineering program, in which it is ranked number 111 in the nation. The university has over 18,000 students, and the campus is built on a 441-acre bedrock near the San Bernardino Mountains.

Arabic Language, Literature, and Culture

CSUSB's Bachelor program in Arabic is housed within the Department of World Languages and Literature. The BA requires twelve lower-division Arabic language courses as well as twelve upper-division language courses that range in a variety of topics. The program offers courses such as Poetry and Empire: The Arab Ode; 1001 Nights, International Business Law, Nationalism and Conflict in the Middle East, and International Communication.

The Department of World Languages and Literature also houses The Multimedia Language Center for the Department of World Languages & Literatures, which provides resources to students studying world languages, including online websites, tutoring hours, and events.