Brigham Young University

Bringham Young University, the third largest private university in the United States with over 33,000 students, was founded in 1875. The University is located in Provo, Utah and was founded by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). There are also smaller campuses in Hawaii and Idaho. Students do not have to belong to the LDS Church to attend BYU, but all students are required to follow an honor code. BYU is a leading university in language education -- the school offers more than 55 foreign languages, and more than three quarters of its students speak a second language! 


Arabic Major

The Arabic Major is part of the Department of Asian and Near Eastern Languages. This program is a 2nd-major program only, so students should be enrolled in a primary major program before beginning this program. Students are expected to achieve the Advanced High level of fluency by completion of the program.

Notable courses: Debate (participants have twice participated in the international Arabic debate competition); Religion and Law Seminar; Advanced Levantine Arabic; Reading Al-Ghazali; Arabic Literature as Film

Middle East Studies/Arabic Major

BYU's Middle East Studies Major is housed in the International and Area Studies Department. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses covering politics, religion, and culture, and are also required to complete Arabic language courses up to the advanced level. As part of the program, students study abroad for one semester in the Arab World.