STARTALK: Queen's University of Charolette Summer Institute

Queen's University at Charolette Summer Institute offers students a FREE language immersion program in Arabic through STARTALK, a grant that promotes the teaching and learning of critical languages in the United States. Students who successfully complete the program can earn 4 hours of college credit for Arabic. The program is non-residential and meets Monday through Friday from 9:00AM until 3:00PM with optional late pick-up until 4:00PM. 

Daily instruction revolves around STARTALK's program theme of Holidays and Celebrations. During the program, students will use the target language to participate in engaging cultural activities and create cultural products related to a variety of celebrations, festivals, and events. Students will get to exchange information about their families, lives, and traditions with their peers and their Skype partners living in the Arabic speaking world. 

Students who will be in 7th grade through those who will be college freshman in August of 2019 may apply. Classes are offered for beginners and more advanced students and prior experience with the Arabic language is not required. Class placement is based on grade level and proficiency. 



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