Penn State STARTALK Arabic Academy for Students

The STARTALK Arabic Academy at University Park is an innovative program of intensive summer study specially designed for highly motivated students (college and high school) who wish to gain introductory knowledge of the Arabic language and its people. As part of the STARTALK Academy, students will enroll in 4 weeks of intensive language study at the Language Institute at Penn State, for which they will earn academic credit for a full semester of college-level Arabic upon successful completion of the program. In addition, students will participate in relaxed and enjoyable, twice-weekly afternoon immersion activities that have been designed to meet their interests and learning needs, foster a sense of community, and provide them with "outside the classroom" exposure to the language, customs, and culture of the Arabic-speaking world. 

The STARTALK Arabic Academy offers scholarships for qualified students and can cover up to 90% of tuition for the Academy. Typically, 20 scholarships are awarded to eligible students currently enrolled in high school or at a college or university. 



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