AMIDEAST Blog Abroad Scholarship

AMIDEAST Blog Abroad Scholarships

Selected students enrolled in AMIDEAST programs act as “correspondents” for their host country. Blog correspondents will reflect critically on their experiences through written blog posts and other media.

Students will receive $1,000 (semester) or $500 (summer) towards their AMIDEAST program in the form of a tuition reduction.

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Responsibilities of Blog Abroad Correspondents

For a semester award, students will submit 7 entries, beginning a few weeks before program with the final submission prior to departure from their host country. Students can submit up to 2 written blog posts and the rest can come from our list of options such as photo essays, videos, Instagram takeovers, or creative writing.

For a summer award, students will submit 4 entries along the same guidelines as above, except they may only submit 1 written post.

If the recipient anticipates an entry to be late, they must e-mail Education Abroad to provide substantial reasoning (illness, excursions, etc.). Failure to provide regular blog entries without approval from AMIDEAST Headquarters staff may result in revocation of the scholarship funds.

NOTE: AMIDEAST Education Abroad Scholarships are only available to students who are citizens of the United States and are applying or have been accepted to an AMIDEAST Education Abroad program in Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, or Tunisia. This is not available to Virtual Learning & Cultural Exchange applicants. 

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