Chapter Requirements

Arabic Honor Society chapters are primarily intended for established high school Arabic programs with at least two years of coursework offered. Chapters may also be founded to represent institutions such as summer camps or study abroad programs, though still must meet the basic requirements for a chapter, and operate differently than high school-based chapters.

  • Institute must offer a minimum of two year’s worth of Arabic coursework, commensurate with the rigor of a typical high school language program
  • Institute must have students currently enrolled at the high school level
  • Chapter must have the endorsement of the program’s lead Arabic teacher or administrator

Student Qualifications

In order to qualify for membership in an AHS chapter, students must meet the following:

  • Students must have completed 1.5 years of high school level Arabic study
  • Students must have a demonstrated average GPA of 3.5, 90%, or its equivalent across all Arabic courses
  • Students must have a current GPA of 3.0, 85%, or its equivalent across all courses
  • Students must maintain these grade averages each semester in order to maintain membership

Chapter leaders may exercise a degree of discretion in enforcing these requirements, but must notify the AHS main office via email at