QFI Arabic Honor Society Selects 2021 Summer Scholar Awards

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The QFI Arabic Honor Society (AHS) selected five students to receive the AHS Summer Scholar Award. Recipients can use their award to fund their studies at an intensive summer Arabic program. Selected summer programs can be virtual, in person located in the US, or abroad in the Arab world. These students were selected to receive this award through a competitive application process, where they demonstrated dedication to their Arabic studies and how their chosen program would benefit them in high school and beyond. The 2021 AHS Summer scholars are:

Kokayi Hopper-Abdullah is a student at Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago, Illinois. He will use his award to attend the Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.  

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Dania Brown is a student at North Atlanta High School and has been studying Arabic for 2 years. She will use her award to participate in the Marhabtayn Summer Domestic Intensive Program at the Alif Institute.

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Blake Groff is a student at The Hill School in Pottstown, Pennsylvania and will participate in Qalam wa Lawh, an intensive MSA program in Rabat, Morocco. He has studied Arabic for 3 years and was taught by a former soccer player from Morocco’s national team

Gwendolynn Hines is a student at Lindblom Math and Science Academy in Chicago, Illinois. She will use her award to study Arabic in Rabat, Morocco through CIEE and hopes to study abroad again in the future. 



Elise Smith-Davis is a student at North Atlanta High School and is attending Alif Institute’s Domestic Intensive Program with her award. She has been studying Arabic for 3 years and hopes to become a foreign service officer in the future. 

The QFI Arabic Honor Society boasts a membership of over 600 active students across 56 locally organized chapters in 50 cities across the US, UK, Canada, and Qatar. AHS also welcomes students into the international At Large chapter created for those who do not have a local high school chapter to join. The AHS alumni network is proud to have over 800 students and is growing every year.  The QFI Arabic Honor Society is dedicated to enhancing the experience and growth of high-achieving Arabic language students. AHS fosters and supports student engagement in Arabic language study at the high school level by hosting annual academic contests, offering exclusive academic study awards, providing study resources as well as information about colleges, universities, and relevant career fields. Eligible students must demonstrate a passion for the language and meet rigorous GPA requirements to join the AHS.  

For further information, please email us at arabichonorsociety@qfi.org. You can also stay up to date on our activities by signing up for our newsletter with this link.  

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