Nicole Sukhbataar Summer Scholar Award Recipient 2019


Nicole Sukhbataar




Arabic Honor Society of Utah

I got into Arabic through my school in seventh grade. I fell in love with the language almost immediately and looking back, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the summer before ninth grade, I applied to the BYU Arabic Camp. I also applied for the Arabic Honors Society scholarship because I knew if I got in, there was little to no way I could afford it financially. My application was accepted for both and I was ecstatic. Arabic Camp was one of the highlights of my summer. At the camp, I made friends that share my passion for the language.

I went to the camp with some of my best friends. They also take Arabic with me at my school and we all thought that the camp seemed fun. I went into the camp nervous and slightly scared and left with some happy memories. The actual learning was challenging and engaging. I enjoyed every second of it. I knew right from the start of it all that the camp wouldn’t be easy especially with the accelerated camp’s pace. A lot of Arabic got stuffed into my head in a short time. Along with learning the language, we had many different side activities. We learned a dance called the Dabke and it was so fun and interesting to be a part of the dancing. We learned different Arab card games and how to draw beautiful calligraphy. The entire experience was one great ride and it greatly improved my Arabic.

I would highly recommend immersing yourself if you are trying to learn a language. The summer camp was incredible. Although three weeks seems like a long time, it went by faster and faster until the last day was upon us. All the activities were fun and interesting, and I felt safe the entire time (both in a physical sense as well as a mental one). I still keep in touch with some of the people and I hope to see them again, at Arabic camp next year.


 My friends and I at the “Arab Market” where we dressed up and had a blast


 Arab market calligraphy


  An after-the-camp heel click



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