Arabic Honor Society Celebrates the 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardees

Walking through the shops and markets in Fes; photo by Loki Chairez


Tahreem Akhtar




Arabic Honor Society

Last year, seven Arabic Honor Society members were selected to receive the 2020 Incoming Freshman Award to continue their Arabic studies. These students stood out in the large pool of applicants because they demonstrated their dedication to furthering their language skills and learning about the Middle East. After their first semester studying Arabic, we checked in with the students, and it was clear that they’re even more passionate about the language than they were before. Not only have they persisted through the challenges of learning through a pandemic, but they have also enjoyed diving into more intense classes, and some have even gained valuable study abroad experience.

Loki, who is studying at Dartmouth College, advises students who are beginning their Arabic journey to "be open to new things; you never know where it'll lead you!"

Eli, who is studying at Yale University, loves studying Arabic because of its beauty. He feels that "there is always room in this world for new Arabic learners,” and we couldn’t agree more!

In the video below, you'll hear from four students: Thalia, Loki, Xander, and Eli, about their journey studying Arabic, why they chose Arabic, and even some advice for younger students who might be considering it now.

AHS 2020 Incoming Freshman Awardees

Students who are not members of AHS and interested in joining can do so on the AHS website at By joining AHS, students are eligible for academic awards such as the Incoming Freshman Award, the Summer Scholar Award, and other opportunities to further their language skills. Students also become a part of a community of over 1,000 students studying Arabic across the US, UK, Canada, and Qatar. 

Students can direct any questions that they might have to

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