Announcing Winners of the Fourth Annual Arabic Short Story Contest

Congratulations to this year's Arabic Short Story Contest winners!


The AHS Team




AHS members and non-members

The QFI Arabic Honor Society hosted its fourth annual Arabic Short Story Contest and is excited to announce the winners! Students were invited to write short stories in Arabic, following the prompts below: 

  • Spooky story: To celebrate Halloween, we want to hear your most creative scary stories.
  • Mystery story: Account of a fictional detective or ordinary person on a quest to find answers and solve a mystery.
  • Other autumn-themed story of your choice: A creative piece exploring themes relevant to the season such as returning to school, the changing weather, celebrations, etc.

The winners were selected based on creativity of the plot and setting as well as proper grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. We had great participation from secondary students studying Arabic, some of which are AHS members and others who are not. We received 48 submissions in total from the US, UK, and Qatar. Thank you to all the teachers who encouraged their students to participate and to the students who participated! We enjoyed reading all the stories and have linked to the winning submissions below. 

Heritage or Native Speaker Category Winners:

  • 1st place: Black Cat by Shadin Shareif. Shadin is a student at the M.E.S Indian School in Doha. 
  • 2nd place: Cursed Treasure  by Anfal Abd Alghani. Anfal is a student at the Qatar Academy for Science and Technology. 

Arabic as a World Language Learner Category Winners:

  • 1st place: Forest Fright written by Ammarah Ibrahim. Ammarah is a student at Bolton Muslims Girls School and also participated in the AHS poetry contest earlier this year.
  • 2nd place: Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins! written by Chloe Flabiano. Chloe has been an AHS member for over a year at the Ursuline Academy of Dallas AHS chapter. 

Winners will be contacted directly for prize distribution. Please contact with any inquiries. 

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