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Continuing Our Work in Supporting Students

Since 2009 Qatar Foundation International has supported the expansion of student-centered high school Arabic programs. In continuation of these efforts, QFI is launching the first ever Arabic Honor Society (AHS) to enhance the experience and growth of high-performing Arabic students. Honor societies have long existed for other major world languages taught at the secondary level, and with the increasing need for cross-cultural understanding of the region, it is an ideal time for Arabic to join this community.

The AHS fosters and supports student engagement in Arabic language study at the high school level, as well as offers students a platform for continuing their studies into college and beyond. The AHS accomplishes this by:

  • Offering exclusive awards to support participation in summer study, study abroad, and college tuition
  • Providing information about post-high school institutions and opportunities for students to continue their Arabic studies
  • Compiling a list of scholarships and grants for Arabic language students at the high school level and beyond
  • Providing career-planning guidance, along with comprehensive profiles of Arabic language-oriented careers, and outlining the essential steps necessary to reach these goals
  • Organizing yearly contests and events to connect and engage students

While the AHS manages chapters internationally, the chapters operate autonomously, and are encouraged to shape and adapt their activities to suit their communities. By more closely connecting with their own communities, this helps chapters grow and promote their local Arabic programs. Teachers and AHS chapter leaders are also given guidance on how to better organize events, and drive student leadership and participation. Through these activities, the AHS provides students with opportunities to engage their community in fun and meaningful ways.

An AHS chapter can be founded by the head of a local Arabic program, or interested community members, though community members still need the endorsement of their local Arabic program. The head of an AHS chapter can either be the Arabic program head, any engaged community member willing to organize chapter events, or even enthusiastic students under the supervision of their chapter lead.

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